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BOOM Smash- My 2015 Golden Globes

golden_globe_awards_signsAwards Season doesn’t officially start for me until I get an invite to The Boom Boom Room. It’s my fave “gifting suite” pre- Golden Globes & it’s a relaxed celeb mommy party where we all have our guards down, bring our kids, & sit on the floor with Play-doh… while picking out glitzy leather mocassins for our swag bags, of course.

It’s awesome. It’s mom’s big escape from reality. And I get totally into it. Why not, right?

Our host is Jayneoni who gracefully flies under the radar, & I never hear her toot her own horn. BUT as an ex-manager I can’t help but to spot talent & brag on it to everybody, so toot toot. I’m a fan of Jayneoni because she’s down-to-earth, works her own check-in table, is super hooked-up, & is no BS. Rare in Hollywood, just like her VIP events. So if you get a chance to go, GO. READ MORE ON KRISTIN’S SITE…

NOTE:  Be sure to join us and @momsinmedia every Monday at 11am for our #MommyMonday twitter chats. Today we talked about eco products and green living with @demesnatural. Kristin also talked with Demes in her podcast tonight. LISTEN HERE

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