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The Landmark is the Best Place on the West Side to Take Kids to See a Movie

The Landmark

The Landmark Theatre at the Westside Pavilion is great spot to take kids to see a movie. First of all parking is easy. You can pull into the lot below the theatre and either leave your car with the valet or park close to an escalator which will take you directly to the theatre. Once inside there are no toy stores, candy stores, video games or other distractions to cause your kids to beg you to buy them anything. The only other store in the building is Urban Home which is not really a kid magnet. So you can go straight to the theatre.

The theatre lobby is a treat. Clean, modern and efficient, guests are greeted at a hotel-like counter check-in to purchase their tickets. The area  is spacious and easy to keep an eye on your kids if they happen to take off towards the concession while you are still buying tickets. The concession stand boasts an array of treats for movie goers beyond the average fare. With Peets Coffee and Haagen Daz parents will appreciate a slightly elevated snack experience. We like that they provide water, cups and lids for FREE on the counter so you can get your kids a water without the hassle of buying individuals bottles. (Halleluiah!)

The bathrooms are clean and well-lit and don’t gross us out like most movie theatre bathrooms where you feel compelled to put 4 seat covers on the seat before adding your 5 year-old to the experience. Inside the auditoriums are comfortable and small enough that you can find your group if half of you handles concessions while the rest go on the the seats. You can also select your seats ahead of time by purchasing them online, to ensure your kids sit where they are most likely to love the experience and least likely to complain. And parents, if all else fails, there is also a wine bar in the lobby. What will they think of next?

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