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Best of LA: Coffee Shops and Cafes

Schools in Moms Out and MomAngeles at Alfred


That morning cup of coffee is so important to so many of us that our local coffee shops are our home away from home. For true coffee connoisseurs finding that perfect cup of joe is a quest.  There’s so many choices, different blends, roasting processes and experiences, how can you get just the right one? And how will you feel after having that coffee? Elated? Satiated? In need of more? I invited my friends Dina and Melissa of @schoolsinmomsout to try out some of my fave LA coffee spots. It got a little crazy because the coffee was so good!



First on our list was was Alfred on San Vicente. Hip, smart and social, Alfred has it all including partnerships with Compartes and Stumptown Coffee. Purveyors of the cool California vibe they are always on the cutting edge of coffee…and tea. We also completely agree with them…”But first coffee.” PHOTO CREDIT: @ographr


Menu at Alfred Coffee Shop


Blue Bottle Coffee

Dina couldn’t wait to get to Blue Bottle Coffee, her favorite coffee destination. Their pour-over coffee and cold brews are the stuff of coffee legend. Inspired by a 300 year old story about Turkish coffee and the heroic Blue Bottle coffee house in Vienna,  the Oakland founder vowed “I will only sell coffee less than 48 hours out of the roaster to my guests, so they may enjoy coffee at peak flavor. I will only use the finest, most delicious, and responsibly sourced beans.” We’re just thrilled he kept his promise. PHOTO CREDIT: @ographr


Jumping for joy at Blue Bottle Coffee Shop


Caffe Luxxe

More and more of these locations are popping up around LA and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Luxurious and thoughtful is how I think of this coffee and their shops. This isn’t just great coffee, its and experience. Caffe Luxxe co-founders Mark and Gary wanted to create neighborhood coffee shops with artisan coffee, a place to start and end the day. They travel the world sourcing coffee beans, developing relationships with farmers, ensuring farmers are paid fair prices, building better lives for them and their families. See, drinking coffee at Caffe Luxxe makes one feel good in so many ways. PHOTO CREDIT: @ographr


Wide eyed cafe latte at Caffe Luxxe Coffee Shop


Obviously we couldn’t hit every coffee house in LA in this one morning but you can check our Instagram feeds regularly to see more coffee adventures as Dina, Melissa and I are out and about in LA. And check out some of the out take photos from this shoot in our social feeds. They are hilarious. @momangeles @schoolsinmomsout  Here’s one more of our top picks:


Groundwork rose from the sands of Venice Beach, CA, as a single coffee and tea shop (complete with a custom-built, small-batch roaster) that also sold rare and used books. Local demand soon became so great, they began roasting 24/7 and, wisely, got out of the book business. Today they have ten LA locations are in Whole Foods Santa Monica and have a mobile truck.


Hip and Simple Groundworks Coffee Shop in LA


PHOTO CREDIT:  All images except above groundworks image were taken by @ographr

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