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Be a Tourist in Your Own Town: Play all Day in Malibu

Want to discover some fun things to do in Malibu with your kids? Hit the beach! There’s an endless array of great beaches all along the Malibu coast. Three spots we find most handy, have restaurants and bathrooms nearby.  If you are looking for all the amenities of hanging out beachside then head to Paradise Cove near Point Dume. This is a small beach with a restaurant, changing area and showers. What’s nice is that you can book cabanas, chairs, chaises and umbrellas for the day, there’s beachside food service and frosty cocktails with fancy umbrellas. You can also park right at the beach. It’s a bit pricey but covers you for the day. What’s best for families is the changing area and private showers on site.

The Lagoon Beach across from the Malibu Country Mart at Cross Creek is also a great place to spend the day. You can park on the PCH or pay to park at the Lagoon for $12 a day. Before you head to the beach, walk across to the Country Mart to grab a coffee at Starbucks or Coffee Bean, pick up sandwiches at the Malibu Kitchen or John’s Garden. Prefer Mexican food – Howdy’s is always a treat and there’s pizza at the take-out window at Tra di Noi as well. If you are a surfer you may want to park at the Southern end of Malibu Lagoon Beach near the Adamson House and hit Surfrider where the break is just right for experienced surfers.

Want to head up the coast a bit? Zuma Beach is always a hit!  There a two options for where to hang out at Zuma. The first is right off the PCH across from Clout Surf Shop and Spruzzo’s pizza. There’s ample parking and access to bathrooms and food at this beach. Want something a little more off the beaten path? Turn off the PCH at Zuma onto Westward Beach road and go past The Sunset restaurant into the beach parking lot at the end. We never fail to see school sof dolphins when hanging out at this beach!

All the way North past El Matador and La Piedra Beach is a well-known and much sought after seafood joint called Neptne’s Net where surfers, bikers and local all collide to grab a crab cake sandwich or fish tacos and a beer. Totally family friendly this order at the counter joint, has plenty of outside seating an no one minds if the kids are a bit loud because so are the bikers!

Had enough of the beach?  Hit the playground! There are three fantastic playgrounds in Malibu. Everyone know about the playground at Cross Creek, in the middle of all the stores and restaurants. This playground is really geared towards little ones. But we tend to steer clear because its a bit too close to the toy store and the display of snacks at John’s Garden. However, hanging out at Cross Creek is always fun and there’s often a chance you’ll be swinging you little one next to a celebrity,

If you have a tike who is learning to ride a scooter, tricycle or bike the park at the Malibu Bluffs across from Pepperdine is amazing. This large. flat, open park is circled by a wide, flat, even sidewalk. And you can basically see your kids from one end of the park to the other. There’s two play structures, one closer to the Rec Center and another by the observation point near the far edge of the park.  Your kids will love climbing the structure and then peering through the telescopes at the water. There’s also a hiking path that leads down to the beachside. If the park doesn’t wow you the breathtaking views from this cliffside spanse will. Its gorgeous.

The newly remodeled Trancas Country Market features the gorgeous and truly unique Vintage Grocers grocery store. This is a great place to pick up salads and hot food at the prepared foods counter, get a fresh squeezed juice or load up the cooler with drinks. They carry unique brands and fun items not found at a lot of other grocery stores. After you load up the car either head to the beach or the playground on Trancas. An all wood play environment with rubber flooring and interesting play structures this park will transport you back to the Wild West.




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