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Considered one of the premier sites for Moms who want to discover the best that LA has to offer, MomAngeles highlights the best of where to shop, dine, play, stay and experience LA. With profiles on LA entrepreneurs and women owned businesses, MomAngeles is also your destination for the best of whats Made in LA. Whether you live in LA or are just visiting, we bring you the LA lifestyle from a mom’s point of view.



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Dear Readers,

When I moved to LA from Atlanta, I was pregnant with my daughter, and I was starting anew with my network and ultimately, my career. Although we had friends here, there was so much more I needed to discover and explore on my own. I fell in love with LA. The vastness and diversity of the city, the people, the vibe and the food! The best chefs from around the world come to LA to create exceptional culinary experiences. Some of the best brands and technology companies call LA home. This is the city of dreams where Hollywood drives our love of content and storytelling. Our neighborhoods boast incredible places to shop, play and stay. Its impossible to be bored in LA. Whether it’s a family outing or a date night, there’s so much to do and see!

MomAngeles is where I share my love affair with LA with you!

-Laura Nix Gerson


Moms Are Amazing

Moms are amazing. Moms make sure everything is running smoothly, that everyone’s needs are met and they make you feel loved. Moms work tirelessly to improve their schools and help in the community. Moms get up every day and pack everyone off to school, then get dressed and head to work, head to volunteer, head to run household errands and get home in time to feed and bathe everyone, get the homework done and tuck you into bed. Moms make the world safer. Moms  do it all. Moms are our heroes.

At MomAngeles, we celebrate moms and their accomplishments and contributions. We highlight the best of LA about and for moms, because moms deserve some special things just for mom…because she earned it. That’s why.

Community Commitment

We are committed to our community. We support local charities and schools! Moms spend 15+ years involved with their kids schools. It’s the center of a Mom’s and child’s universe. Recognizing this we write about and list school and education resources, school events and fundraisers, in-school and after-school programs and additional educational services like tutoring and test prep.  Have an event coming up at your school that you would like our Moms to know about? Submit it to our Event Calendar. We support local charities. Check out our list of Causes We Love.

Famous LA Moms We’ve Met Along the Way

We love our LA community!  It’s always fun to attend events and meet Moms when we are out and about. And sometimes, we even get our picture snapped with famous LA Moms. Here’s some of the Famous Moms we’ve met over the past 3 years including Minnie Driver, Soleil Moon Frye, Sherri Shepherd, Rosie Pope, Alexis Bellino, Giuliana Rancic, Ali Landry, Amy Atlas and Brooke Burke. Want to see more famous LA Moms? Check out our board on Pinterest.