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5 Special Ways To Make The Hollywood Bowl A Perfect Date Night

5 Hollywood Bowl Hacks

5 Hollywood Bowl HacksThe Hollywood Bowl get’s forgotten about when couples plan an easy & fun date night. But it shouldn’t be, and here’s why. A night at The Bowl can be just as easy & fun as the go-to “Dinner and a movie” date, plus a whole lot more. You just need to know how to do it right.

Even with my art-school background, I’m guilty of overlooking a cultural excursion as the perfect date-night option because it seems to hard to pull-off. The Hollywood Bowl can bring questions about freeway traffic, parking & more. Can we really bring our own dinner? Where should we park?Bad traffic, right? How do I dress? Can I buy tickets online? Isn’t it crowded? Why would I like it?

Date Night at Hollywood Bowl

Actually a Hollywood Bowl date-night can be a snap, while also supporting the arts, and creating happy lasting memories that you & your date will be telling people about for many social gatherings to come. You may make it a regular thing. And hey, it’s kinda fun being the expert about cool date-night ideas.

  1. Tailgating Elevated: There are 14 picnicking areas within a few walking minutes to the Bowl. This is a secret to beating the traffic. Get there early with whatever to-go foods you love, or homemade meal, & just relax.
  2. Eat Like A Boss: Order gourmet picnic boxes ahead online. Easy pick-up at the Kitchen 22 window just up the hill after the ticket entrance. Done & done.
  3. Easy Parking: For $22 stacked parking do Lot B if you’re going back to the Valley & Lot D if you’re heading East after the show. I’ve always been able to scootch out by luck & parking attendants pointing me to secrets routes to exits. Hollywood & Highland has a shuttle that goes straight to the Box Office $6/person.
  4. Wine: Buy bottles or by-the-glass inside the Bowl OR bring your favorite bottle from home! It’s allowed. It’s expected, actually. And it makes the night even more personalized & romantic. Here’s the impressive wine list from the Marketplaces on site.
  5. Friends With Benefits: When you tell your friends about your experience, they’ll wanna go next time. When you book 10 or more, you’ll get 20% off ticket prices. How fun does that sound?

Hollywood Bowl Picnic

Cheers! You’ve just been granted the key to some of Hollywood’s finest entertainment under the stars. Now you know how to do it, so book yourself this date-night, worthy of a standing ovation.

What other interesting options have you got for a great date-night? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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